Zoom Basics

  • Teachers host Zoom meetings for virtual class sessions and office hours to answer questions and get help.

  • Zoom is a way to connect with classmates and teachers for synchronous learning opportunities during distance learning.

  • Students must login to their district accounts either on a Chromebook or in Chrome before joining a class Zoom meeting.

How to Login & Join a Zoom meeting

This video walks through the steps for logging in and joining a Zoom meeting.

How to Attend a Zoom Meeting

This video walks through how to attend a Zoom meeting as a student after you have logged into your district account and are ready to join the meeting.

Zoom Login Activation and Login Instructions for Students

Logging Into Zoom

  • The document to the left walks through the steps required to join a Zoom meeting.

  • Each day students need to login to your district account to access class materials, including Zoom meetings.

  • If you do not login to Google before trying to attend your Zoom meeting it will show an error message and you will be required to login first.

Student Tips for Participating in Online Learning.pdf

This document from Zoom shares best practices for using Zoom for online learning.

Click on the link above to access Zoom's full help center for videos and information for troubleshooting.

Click on the link above to access Zoom's frequently asked questions via their help center for more support.