Google Docs

  • Google Docs is a word processing program that will allow you to create and share typed documents.

  • Google Docs has many built-in features to allow you to customize your formatting like font, size, color, and you can insert images and tables.

  • Teachers can use the commenting feature to give you specific feedback within your Google Doc assignment to help with editing and revisions.

  • The "Explore" button in the lower right corner will allow you to search and include research from within your Google Doc. It also has built-in citations to help build a bibliography or add footnotes to your document.

  • There is an undo button in the upper left corner of the menu if you accidentally delete something or make a mistake you want to undo. You can also bring up "version history" to restore an old version of your document.

Docs cheat sheet - G Suite Learning Center.pdf

Click on the link or open the document in a new window to access a cheat sheet with tips and tricks for using Google Docs.

Click on the link above to access the Google Docs help center with articles on specific topics to support Google Docs.

This video walks through the basic features and how to use Google Docs.