Google Sites

  • Google Sites is a website creator from Google. You can use Google Sites to create websites for class or an academic portfolio. Your teachers also use Google Sites to create their class websites.

  • There are different publishing settings that allow you to only publish your site to your teacher or within the district.

  • Google Sites has themes and layouts that help make your websites easy to create and professional looking. Choose a theme in the Themes section and use layouts in the Insert section.

  • When you make changes to your Google Site don't forget to click the Publish button to make those changes go live on your site.

Sites cheat sheet - G Suite Learning Center.pdf

Click on the link or open the document in a new window to access a cheat sheet with tips and tricks for using Google Sites.

Click on the link above to access the Google Sites help center with articles on specific topics to support Google Sites.

This video walks through the basic features in Google Sites and how to create your own website and publish it.