Google Forms

  • Google Forms are most commonly used in class for quizzes and tests. They can also be used to gather information like a quick survey, to check in, or to share thoughts on a topic.

  • There are different question types on Google Forms, the most common are multiple choice, short answer or paragraph, and checkboxes. Sometimes Google Forms are split up into sections and sometimes they are just one single form. If a Google Form has sections you will see a next button to click to move forward to the next section in the form. If there aren't any sections you will just scroll down through until the end.

  • Sometimes a Google Form will be in "Locked Mode" if it is for a test, which will mean you won't be able to open any other tabs, windows, or apps during the test until you have turned it in.

  • Google Forms do not save your progress until you click "Submit" at the end so make sure you have enough time to complete the form before you start it and if you have an internet connection issue partway through you may have to start over if you didn't click submit first.

Forms cheat sheet - G Suite Learning Center.pdf

Click on the link or open the document in a new window to access a cheat sheet with tips and tricks for using Google Forms.

Click on the link above to access the Google Forms help center with articles on specific topics to support Google Forms.

This video walks through how to open, fill out, and submit a Google Form as a quiz or a survey.