Kami BAsics

  • Kami is a platform that lets students interact with and edit PDF files.

  • Teachers create assignments using PDF documents that are shared via Google Classroom.

  • Students open assignments, complete, and turn them in using Kami through Google Classroom.

  • Teachers can give students direct feedback within Kami using text, voice, and video comments.

  • Students can use Kami tools to interact with assignments by adding text, adding media like images and videos, drawing and adding comments.

Click on the link above to access Kami's help center where you can find frequently asked questions and answers to common issues.

Students Guide to Kami for Google Classroom.pdf

Use the document above as a guide for Kami assignments.

Click on the link above to access a guide for how to use Kami to open and interact with Kami assignments in Google Classroom and how to turn them in.

Check out the video above for a walk through of how to use Kami as a student.