Google Sheets

  • Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program that can be a great way to organize data as well as keep track of things like lists and schedules. Google Sheets is also a great program for creating graphs and charts.

  • Google Sheets has a checkbox feature so a sheet can be made as a checklist or to-do list for a project and you can check the boxes and you complete those items.

  • You can also use Google Sheets for labs or anything where you might need to keep track of observations or data that you might want to graph.

  • Teachers might share Google Sheets with you that show schedules or lists or lab sheets to fill out.

Google Sheets cheat sheet - G Suite Learning Center.pdf

Click on the link or open the document in a new window to access a cheat sheet with tips and tricks for using Google Sheets.

Click on the link above to access the Google Sheets help center with articles on specific topics to support Google Sheets.

This video walks through the basic features in Google Sheets and some examples of what you might be asked to do in a spreadsheet.