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Google Classroom BAsics

  • Teachers post assignments and announcements for the class.

  • Students open assignments, complete, and turn them in via Google Classroom.

  • Teachers can give students direct feedback within Google Classroom using private comments and comments directly within the assignments.

  • Students can ask questions directly to the teacher in Google Classroom via private comments or to the whole class if class comments are enabled.

  • Students can attach work to assignments using the "Add or Create" button.

How to Use Google Classroom

The video above gives an overview to the Google Classroom platform and how to use it as a student. See how to access and open assignments, turn them in, and stay on top of your work with the "View Your Work" feature in Classwork.

Screenshot of Google Classroom help center with question: how can we help you?

The Google Classroom Help Center has some great information on specific issues and specific topics. They include step-by-step articles and thorough information on using Google Classroom. This is a good place to start if you have a question or need help in a specific area.

This video shows the basics for how to login to your account and access Google Classroom from home or on a device at home.

This video shows how to use private comments to contact your teacher and ask for help on any assignments in Google Classroom.

This video shows how to use your class calendar from Google Classroom in Google Calendar to stay on top of your assignments.

This video shows how to change your email notifications to only get the emails you need from Google Classroom.

Distance Learning with Google Classroom

This video walks through some distance learning study skills using Google Classroom. These apply to students in online classes, but can be helpful study skills across the board.